Invitation by David A. Vosburg

To teach is to invite.

We invite students to learn,

   to grow,

      to discover with us.

We invite them to engage with the unknown.

We invite students to walk with us,

     to take risks,

     to try something new.

They listen,

        step to the board,

      and share their ideas.

They ask questions.

We listen.

     We ask questions.

We invite students into our offices,

     our laboratories,

our homes.

We share chemistry,


    a meal

    —even our lives.

We open the world to them.

They reveal their weaknesses, and our own.

We are humbled.

True community forms.

We invite students to think,

   to create,

        and to explore.

But most of all, we invite students to hope.

For we too have been invited.

Posted on June 10, 2015 .